Visualization of Wind and Solar power generation in Europe

On this site we take an almost real time view on wind- and solar power production in twenty Europeian countries. All data and charts are automatically updated once a day, at about 9:15AM Finnish time, or 7:15 or 6:15 UTC, depending of DST.

This map shows the area covered here. The six biggest producers of wind power is marked green, others in yellow.


Installed wind power capacity in these coutries are shown here.



Lates data: 

The first chart shows wind and solar pover generation in all 20 countries during last two days.

The same for a period of two weeks. In this point of view the variation in solar power from day to day is usually clearly visible. It's caused by variation in cloudiness. Most of solar power in Europe, about 40 %, is produced in Germany, so cloudiness on a relatively small area has a big impact.

To get an even more broader view, we take a look at a five weeks period. Here we use mean values of each day (24 hours) for power, so the daily variation between days and nights is smoothed out.

From now on we concentrate only on wind power. Here is generation of six biggest producers, the green ones on the map.

When we stack these lines on to each other, we get a better view of the total generation.


We have heard, “the wind always blows somewhere". That's of course somewhat true. But is it true enough to solve problems caused by intermittency of wind power?

There is one problem in the chart above. There are huge differencies in the amount of installed wind power capacity in different countries, so we don't get a perfect view of the variation in wind conditions over time.

We neen to somehow homogenize the data. We do this by dividing the megawatts in each country by the installed capacity. Result of this is the capacity factor of that country. In this way we get a realistic view of wind distribution ower the area.


For a stacked chart we further divide the results by six. Now we can see on y-axis the capacity factor ower this area.

Finally, we do the same for all 20 countries here. The charts are updated once a day so I can not describe the actual view at this moment of time. However, it's wery likely that quite a big fluctuation is clearly visible all the time.

This chart looks somewhat messy, but depending on the time, there might be some intresresting phenomens visibly. Timestamp for all data is UTC, so countries can be compared side by side. Countries far from each other can have big differencies in the wind begavior, which is obvious. Especially the outmost countries of the area like Romania, Spain and Northen countries.

In the big picture is seems like wind power distributed over the whole continent of Europe is still an intermittend energy source, although far less than within smaller areas.

The last chart shows capacity factors of wind power in all twenty countries on the last measured day. Value used here is the mean value of 24 hours. In the near future these charts will be archieved, but that feature is not yet in operation.


United Kingdom:



All others:

These sources are every now and then somewhat incomplete. Missing data points are filled in linearly to get the charts better looking. The raw data is available below as a zip-file in csv-format without this error handling or any other editing.



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